JT Autocare is proud its reputation for being one of the most honest and transparent garages in Maidenhead. Thanks to our approval from the DVSA, we are also one of Berkshire’s most reputable MOT garages. Much of our work revolves around car servicing and car repairs, where engine diagnostics play a pivotal role in work on newer models, but we also perform traditional repairs including the replacement of brakes and tyres.

We also replace car batteries, exhausts and a full range of compliant OEM parts at our Maidenhead workshop. On this page, our company answers some of the more common questions we receive from motorists in Berkshire, all of which relate to the business we run, the workshop we operate from and the many different services we provide.

What makes you different to other garages in Maidenhead?

Firstly, we’re one of Maidenhead’s best-known independent garages. Unlike dealerships, independent garages have fewer overheads and costs so the savings we make pass down to the customer in the form of cheaper car servicing and car repairs. Because we source our parts independently, car batteries, tyres and brakes work out to be lower in price too.

While our rates are ‘cheaper’ than those charged by dealerships, we promise you that our services aren’t. Independent repair and MOT garages work to strict trade and industry standards and we believe our own services match any dealership in Maidenhead for quality.

Do MOT garages have to be authorised?

Yes. Our own workshop specialises in MOT testing for the popular Class IV category. Our premises, our equipment and even our personnel have to meet strict criteria enforced by the DVSA. Even the technology at the 23,000 MOT garages spread across Maidenhead and the UK, including the computer systems they use, have to meet specific requirements.

We assure our Maidenhead and Berkshire customers that our MOT testing services are equal or superior to those provided by any other inspection facility in our region.

Do your car servicing schedules match dealership standards too?

Absolutely. In fact, independent garages have an obligation to use the same car servicing schedules as their main dealership counterparts. What makes our prices lower than those charged by dealership outlets in Maidenhead is the advantage of not having to absorb unpaid warranty work, whereas main agents often perform car servicing as a free add-on to increase the volume of new car sales – a situation we never have to worry about.

At main dealerships, walk-in customers usually fill in the financial shortfall of unpaid warranty work by paying more for a full or interim car servicing package.

Does your company guarantee car repairs and servicing?

Yes. We have complete faith in the workmanship provided by our Maidenhead workshop. That’s why JT Autocare offers a full 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty on car servicing, car repairs and all supporting services, including engine diagnostics and part replacements. Should you experience any problems with your vehicle after we have worked on it, bring it back to our workshop and we’ll investigate the problem without making a fuss about things.

Thankfully, we very rarely need to fulfil this particular service promise because the standard of car repairs provided by JT Autocare of Maidenhead is so exceptionally high.

Can you explain engine diagnostics to me?

Of course! Our technicians use advanced code reading equipment to perform diagnostics through your vehicle’s ECU. We’re particularly proud of the record we have for investing into new trade technology, and our Maidenhead workshop is one of the best-equipped in Berkshire. Much of this technology is solely used to undertake engine diagnostics.

Diagnostic equipment retrieves stored fault codes from the engine subsystem and, once translated, these codes help us to recommend suitable car repairs for your vehicle.

I’m worried about the condition of my brakes. Can you help?

Yes. Your brakes need to be in good condition for safe slowing and stopping so, if you have concerns about them, it’s only right that we should have concerns about them too. Bring your vehicle down to our premises in Maidenhead and we’ll perform a full inspection of your brakes. If they show signs of wear, we’ll book you in for a prompt replacement.

Replacement brakes cover a series of different parts, such as pads, shoes, discs and calipers. We can source these, and more, from our own network of local factors and suppliers.

Can you replace worn tyres too?

We can. Customers in the Maidenhead and Berkshire areas have the option of having new tyres fitted from market-leading manufacturers such as Dunlop, Michelin or Pirelli, or mid-range tyres fitted from trusted names such as Yokohama. Whichever tyres you choose, all will have been safety tested at source. Our company never fits or endorses part-worn tyres.

Some tyre fitters in the Maidenhead area charge more for balancing and weighting tyres but we much prefer to offer local motorists a fair, competitive and inclusive price.

I notice you supply different car batteries. What are the differences?

Most repair and MOT garages in Maidenhead and Berkshire supply several different car batteries, usually from a single branded supplier. Lead Acid car batteries are a standard installation with 20,000 potential starts and a three-year warranty. Calcium car batteries have a four-year warranty and sufficient power to provide vehicles with 30,000 starts.

Top-of-the-range Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) car batteries have the potential to start engines an incredible 50,000 times and they come with an exceptional five-year warranty.


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